Looking For Diabetic Test Strip Buyers Price List?

Diabetes management is a crucial aspect of the lives of millions of people worldwide. A significant part of this management involves regularly checking blood sugar levels using diabetic test strips. However, not everyone requires all the test strips they receive, leading to a surplus. This is where services that help when you sell test strips become invaluable and having a Diabetic Test Strip Buyers Price List.

What are Diabetic Test Strips?

Diabetic test strips are an essential tool for individuals managing diabetes. They are used with a glucose meter to monitor blood sugar levels. However, many people find themselves with excess strips due to changes in prescriptions, meters, or simply receiving more than needed.

Selling Your Excess Diabetic Supplies

Selling excess diabetic supplies is a practical way to ensure they don’t go to waste. Platforms like Two Moms Buy Test Strips offer a simple and efficient way to sell diabetic supplies. Not only does this help others who might need these supplies, but it also allows you to earn some extra money. The Two Moms pays as much as $240 per box.

Two Moms Buy Test Strips - Sell Diabetic Test Strips - Diabetic Test Strip Buyers Price List

Price List for Diabetic Test Strips

The price for diabetic test strips can vary depending on several factors like brand, expiration date, and condition of the box. Here’s a basic outline of how pricing typically works:

  • Dexcom G6 Sensor 3 Pack Retail: $240 per box
  • Dexcom G7 Sensor: $55 per box
  • Freestyle Libre 3 Sensor: $42 per box

Note: These prices are examples. For current pricing, please refer to our Sell Your Strips page.

Selling Dexcom Supplies

Dexcom supplies, specifically continuous glucose monitoring systems and sensors, are also in high demand. If you have extra and want to sell Dexcom supplies, you can sell them as well.

How Does Selling Work?

The process of selling diabetic supplies is straightforward. Here’s a quick overview, with more details available on how it works:

  1. Get an Instant Quote: Ensure your supplies are a brand that we buy, see if they meet the required condition standards and get an instant quote on our Diabetic Test Strip Buyers Price List page.
  2. Ship Your Supplies: Request a pre paid shipping label by email, a pre paid shipping kit and follow the instructions for shipping your supplies. Shipping is free.
  3. Get Paid: Once your supplies are received and processed, you’ll receive payment, normally withing 1-3 business days.


Selling excess diabetic test strips and supplies is a win-win. It helps others access affordable supplies and allows you to declutter and earn money. You know you’re in good hands with the Two Moms as we are grateful for the 4,400+ 4.9 star reviews from our sellers and have been helping diabetics sell their supplies since 2015..

For more information on selling your diabetic supplies and get an instant quote, visit Two Moms Buy Test Strips.


  1. Erna Perry on April 29, 2024 at 5:20 pm

    My husband is in need of one touch ultra test strips in the blue box around 100 to start. How much would that cost me?

    • kcruse77 on April 29, 2024 at 10:41 pm

      We are a company that purchases excess diabetic supplies. We do not have the necessary credentials to sell to individuals.

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