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Sell Diabetic Supplies - Two Moms Buy Test Strips - We Buy Diabetic Test StripsWhy Choose ‘Two Moms Buy Test Strips’?

In a world where healthcare costs are perpetually hiking up, managing health issues can become a burden, specifically for individuals living with diabetes. Buying diabetic supplies becomes a relentless nightmare for those without any health insurance. That’s where Two Moms Buy Test Strips comes into play. The company was born out of a mission to make diabetic supplies more affordable, and they are committed to being the best destination to sell diabetic supplies.

Buying Diabetic Supplies, Our Story

Back in the year 2015, “The Two Moms” initiated their unique approch of purchasing diabetic supplies that include test strips, Dexcom, Humulin, and Omnipods. Being aware of the hardships of handling healthcare costs, the Two Moms made it their objective to help make healthcare within reach for everyone.

We Pay More When You Sell Diabetic Supplies

‘Two Moms Buy Test Strips’ is not just any diabetic test strip buying company, it guarantees top prices for your new and unused diabetic supplies. With an experience of dedicated service spread over eight years now, their reputation for offering top bucks is unmatched in the industry. They also offer bonuses for new customers and existing customers most every month, increasing your payout even more.

Transparent and Effective Communication

One aspect that sets ‘Two Moms Buy Test Strips’ apart is their excellent communication. They notify customers every step of the way – from receiving supplies to successful payments. There will never be a moment of wondering about when the payment will arrive using Jewel, their virtual assistant. She provides real-time status updates on everything from tracking your shipment to your payment!

And if you need more help, they have a dedicated customer service center where you can find the answers to your questions, and if you don’t, get help directly from their crack customer service team.

Competitive Pricing – Get The Deal You Deserve When Selling Diabetic Supplies

‘Two Moms Buy Test Strips’ offers incredibly competitive payouts on popular brands. The process to sell diabetic supplies is seamless- get an instant quote, ship your diabetic supplies, and receive payments quickly.

Our Diabetic Supply Buying Process

To sell your diabetic supplies is an extremely straightforward process. Request a quote through the website, pack the items securely and ship your box to them. They even offer pre-paid shipping labels and kits. Once they receive and check your items, you get paid, and quick!

Personal Connection

However, the company isn’t just about the business of buying diabetic supplies. Two Moms share their personal experiences and understand the difficulties in managing healthcare. They offer the top rates with the fastest payments and unparalleled communication. When you call, they answer or call you back!

Sell Diabetic Supplies, Make a Difference

When you sell diabetic supplies to Two Moms Buy Test Strips, you put cash in your pocket and help those who need these supplies the most. So, in selling, you are contributing to a cause that matters.

Get, Set, Sell

Selling your unused and unopened diabetic strips, Dexcom, Humulin, and Omnipods will be the best thing you can do today. Not only does it put extra money in your pocket, but as a result, it also provides these essential supplies to those who need them the most.

Testimonials Selling Diabetic Test Strips

The company has a wealth of happy customers who have shared their positive experiences of dealing with ‘Two Moms Buy Test Strips’. With over 3,500+ 4.9 star positive reviews and testimonials, they stand as the top-ranking company in the industry. This is unmatched by their competition.


‘Two Moms Buy Test Strips’ isn’t just a company, but a mission to help those who can’t afford the escalating prices of healthcare. So, when you are looking to sell diabetic supplies, remember the name – ‘Two Moms Buy Test Strips’. Make a world of difference today by requesting your quote.

Selling Diabetic Supplies - Get Instant Quote - Two Moms Buy Test Strips


  1. sacto1988 on November 29, 2023 at 12:44 pm

    Can I sell you a brand new One Touch Verio Kit? Also Ihave One Touch Delica Plus Lancets. 2 boxes of lancets, one Kit. Thanks Scarlett

  2. sudavis4321 on February 23, 2024 at 2:44 pm

    I have done business with Two Moms in the past. They are the highest paying and best when needing to communicate. I always get a return response quickly. I recently had problems with my password, and because I was unable to reset it myself, they helped me with a new password that actually worked. I don’t have any reason to say that I wouldn’t continue doing business with them. So far I am totally impressed. My only problem now is finding the bonus code, so I am unable to receive any bonus.

    • kcruse77 on February 23, 2024 at 7:46 pm

      Thank you so much! We are delighted to have you as a customer 🙂 Our bonus codes are sent out twice a month to our sellers via email newsletters! You can also message us on Facebook via Messenger, just type the word ‘Bonus’ and all our current codes will be sent to you immediately in response. If you go to our website, our chatbot Jewel will also give you the list of codes!

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