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If you're looking to sell test strips, Omnipod, Dexcom, OneTouch and Freestyle you're at the right place! We buy diabetic test strips, glucose monitors, insulin and lancets. Just select the items you have below, and tell us how many and what condition they are in. Continue adding as many supplies as you have available, then "check out" to complete your quote request and send us your strips. You can also request a pre-paid label sent immediately by email, a shipping kit or ship yourself and get reimbursed for your postage. We make it easy when you sell test strips!

Please note, we WILL NOT buy or return any boxes that arrive expired, opened, have rips, slices, or tears of any kind or are stained in any way (including marker or pen ink). Prices shown below are for the best condition & expiration date, click on your supplies for an accurate quote. We DO NOT purchase supplies other than those listed below.

Please double-check your supplies when you sell test strips, We DO NOT buy supplies that are expired or opened or that don't match your quote submission, they WILL NOT be purchased and WILL NOT BE RETURNED. Thank you!

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Why Sell Test Strips? - Two Moms Buy Test Strips

Why Sell Test Strips?

Many people end up with leftover diabetic supplies that are in perfect brand new condition, factory sealed and could be used by other diabetics in need. You might be able to help others living with diabetes by selling diabetic test strips and supplies! Some of the reasons people have additional diabetic supplies are:

  • Switched Meter Brands
  • Changed Doctor/Insurance Companies
  • Test Themselves Less Frequently
  • Unused Free Samples
  • Family Member Passed Away
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Pharmacy Closeout
  • Prescription Changes

As long as you sell test strips & diabetic supplies, Dexcom, FreeStyle, OneTouch, Humulin, and Omnipods that meet the Two Moms minimum requirements, we can offer you more cash for strips than any other company for any items you have.

Select the items you are selling above to receive your highest cash payout for your products today. If you have any questions that are not answered on our FAQ page, submit them to us using our contact form.

How To Start When You Sell Test Strips

Most diabetics in every state find it hard to keep up with the rising medical costs. No matter what type of diabetic products that your doctor has prescribed, it often gets more expensive every month.

The Two Moms are committed to connecting diabetics whose healthcare costs have become too expensive, to a source of testing supplies that are affordable. If you have extra diabetic supplies, then click on Sell Test Strips. You will be pleased to see what Two Moms Buy Test Strips will pay you, and how quickly too.

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Is Selling Test Strips Legal? Two Moms Buy Test Strips

Is Selling Test Strips Legal or a Scam?

Yes, selling diabetic test strips is legal. It is an over-the-counter medical supply and no prescription is required to buy or sell test strips and diabetic supplies.

And yes, we understand your concern, because at this moment there is a well known company that is cheating customers. They have relied on people mailing their items in, and have not paid them a cent for their products.

They are essentially stealing medical items to make higher profits.

The Two Moms are disgusted by how this company takes advantage of customers.

Above all, the Two Moms value honesty and integrity, and we do our best to remain fully transparent at every stage of your transaction. You can count on us to pay you when we say we will pay you and to pay you top dollar when you sell test strips. Even if you found someone who offers more, let us know and we may be able to price match. Just reach out to us!

A little “mom” advice from the Two Moms to you: if you want to know if a company has scammed people or not, google the name of the company and then type the word “scam” in the search bar and see what comes up about them. Do your research.

We pride ourselves on having a repeat and growing customer base with 5 star reviews. Google us. Look us up on Trust Pilot.

About The Two Moms

We are just a couple of Moms trying to make a living by recycling diabetic products and getting it back into the hands of people that can use it the most.

That is why Two Moms are the trusted name more people rely on daily.

Since 2012, we’ve been purchasing unused diabetic supplies at the highest cash offers possible, and then reselling them to diabetic patients across the country at discounted pricing. That way, we’re able to give back to our community while compensating you in the process.

See why the Two Moms remain the trusted choice for diabetics nationwide when you sell test strips.

Two Moms Will Buy Your Test Strips - We Buy Diabetic Test Strips

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