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After seven years of dedicated service, we are known for paying the highest cash prices for diabetic test strips and supplies.

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We will notify you every step of the way when you sell us your test strips so you will never have to wonder when, or if, your payment is coming.

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We offer competitive pricing on the most popular brands. Selling to us is simple: get a quote, ship it, and get paid quickly.

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Two Moms Buy Test Strips™

Seven years ago, the Two Moms started their business out of a growing need to make healthcare products more affordable for individuals. Specifically, diabetic testing supplies.

There are many people living in the United States with Diabetes and NO health insurance. With the rising costs of health care each year, it has become almost impossible to afford diabetic monitoring supplies out of pocket.

It's the Two Mom's personal mission to purchase as many diabetic test strips, Dexcom, Humulin, and Omnipods as possible, so we can get them into the hands of other diabetics in need of them at affordable pricing.

However, we aren’t just another diabetic test strip purchasing company. We are “The Two Moms” who have personal experience in knowing how difficult managing your health care can be. We are committed to being the best company you can sell your diabetic test strips to, and we offer you the highest pricing, cash for test strips, with the fastest payment and best communication over any other. We actually answer our phone when you call!

Selling your unopened diabetic test strips, Dexcom, Humulin, and Omnipods to us will put CASH in your pocket, and at the same time help others who need these items the most. When you want to help the Two Moms make a world of difference, request your quote today.

Who Buys Diabetic Test Strips?

You may be asking yourself, who buys test strips? WE DO! The Two Moms want to buy all your extra diabetic test strips. Many times, people with diabetes have a great deal of extra diabetic test strips due to a variety of reasons, and they typically just throw their leftover products away.

However, what people might not understand is that someone else living with diabetes could benefit from these same diabetic test strips, someone who is not able to pay full retail pricing.

The Two Moms’ mission is to connect people with diabetes who need affordable testing supplies with the excess diabetic supplies that we purchase. This way we put a little dent in the world of expensive health care and a ton of cash back into the wallets of the people that need it most. You.

The Two Moms are recognized for the highest cash payouts in the industry. See why the Two Moms are your number one trusted company to purchase your diabetic testing supplies.

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The Two Moms make selling your items a straightforward, easy, and safe process.

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Is it Legal to Sell Test Strips for Cash?

Among the most frequently asked questions we receive from concerned clients is whether or not buying and selling glucose test strips is legal. The answer is an emphatic “yes”!

Because we only buy products that are sold over the counter (you can walk into any Rite Aid, Walgreens etc., and purchase it WITHOUT a prescription and pay for it in cash), you are permitted to sell it and we can buy it.

To ensure you, and other patients, receive the most accurate readings possible, the Two Moms cannot accept any strips, lancets, sensors, or other devices that are fewer than eight months from their expiration date. Although some other companies may continue buying them upwards of one month out, we find that these short dated medical supplies don’t operate well enough for customers to depend on their accuracy.

The Two Moms require that all original packaging and seals must be unbroken because otherwise we are not legally allowed to resell them. In those instances, the only thing the law enables us to do with these products is to dispose of them.

Cash for My Diabetic Test Strips

When most people discover that they have unopened glucose strips or other products, they quickly take to a free online message board or group to try and sell their diabetic test strips locally. They will google “sell diabetic test strips near me”, thinking they’re going about it the right way.

However, they don’t realize the sort of risk that they are assuming by arranging to meet strangers that they have spoken to on the Internet.

So if you don’t feel comfortable selling your items in person, we offer a much safer and easier alternative. Mail us your qualifying diabetic supplies, and let the Two Moms put cash in your pocket.

Not only do you get more cash in exchange for your test strips and insulin supplies fast, but you’re also helping the community at large. Choosing us means selecting the best way to give back each time.

Visit our Sell Test Strips page for a free quote right now!  Or, you can reach out directly at (619) 797-6099 where you can speak with the Two Moms.

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