Terms & Conditions


Please read this agreement carefully and recognize your rights & obligations before you sell test strips to the Two Moms.

  • I am an individual 21 years of age or older.
  • I understand that TwoMomsBuyTestStrips.com is a medium for selling excess diabetes test strips that I lawfully own or possess with rights to sell.
  • I am the sole and rightful owner of the item(s) being sold to TwoMomsBuyTestStrips.com. I understand that if any item turns out to have been stolen, I will not receive compensation for the item.
  • My diabetic test strips are in boxes and the boxes are sealed.
  • I will only send test strips that are not expired and will not expire for at least 8 months from today. (Count the current month as “0” and the next month as “1” and so forth. For example, if the current month is September (month “0”), then if your strips expired in eight months, they would expire in May (month “8”). (The diabetic test strips you send us must have a minimum expiration date of at least eight (8) months.)
  • TwoMomsBuyTestStrips.com will not pay for boxes that are expired upon receipt of delivery. We will dispose of them.
  • TwoMomsBuyTestStrips.com will not pay for boxes that are damaged upon receipt of delivery.  We will donate them if they are usable and acceptable to local organizations.
  • TwoMomsBuyTestStrips.com does not buy International boxes, we only buy test strips with NDC codes.
  • TwoMomsBuyTestStrips.com will honor the quote when the diabetic test strips you send, match what you provided when you requested a quote. We inspect every shipment to ensure it matches the description you provided. We reserve the right to adjust the price paid if there is a difference in the description you provided and what we received. For instance, if your quote is generated with retail pricing and you send mail order boxes, we will adjust the price paid. We do not return boxes, so please ensure that your quote accurately reflects the test strips you send.