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We Buy in Bulk

Have a large quantity of diabetic test strips or supply overstock? Whether you are a pharmacy, liquidation company or wholesaler, we can buy your entire diabetic supply inventory. We make it quick and easy.

We remain your over-the-counter (OTC) medical supply wholesaler and are prepared to purchase large volume. With one quick and straightforward wire transaction, we can buy your entire inventory. If you have over 100 sealed test strip boxes to sell each month, contact us for our exclusive pricing. We are always searching for additional partners and ways to help companies liquidate their inventory for TOP DOLLAR.

For potential bulk diabetic product suppliers, we offer:

HIGH CASH PRICING. We pay the highest cash prices for diabetic test strips and other OTC diabetic supplies. We buy products with expiration dates as short as 4 months and we can even purchase products that are not in perfect condition.

NEED TO MOVE QUICKLY? We can make you a cash offer and have you paid within 24 hours. 

Special prices for bulk test strip sellers that can offer 100 boxes per month or more. Are you a diabetic supply collector or wholesaler? We can buy your inventory from you and provide you special high pricing for greater than 100 boxes every month. Reach out to us to connect and possibly work together. 

Payment. We want to get your money to you as fast as possible. We can pay by wire, bank transfer or PayPal. You get to choose. If you’re local to San Diego, we can pay in cash. 

We can buy large volumes. If you are a pharmacy or a medical supply business with overstock/excess inventory for any reason, we can buy! There is nowhere better to sell extra diabetic supplies or other over the counter medical supplies, and you always get top dollar for your items.

If you are searching for someone to purchase bulk diabetic test products, look no further. With the HIGHEST CASH OFFERS, the Two Moms want to buy from you now. Complete our form to discover more about what we can offer you for your excess diabetic test strips and OTC inventory.

Fill out the contact form on the right to contact us. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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