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Two Moms Buy Test Strips Reviews

We're very grateful to be able to help our amazing customers and sellers every day! Here is just some of the feedback we've received about their experience when they sell test strips and diabetic supplies to the Two Moms. We hope to be able to help you as well - get an instant quote here. Thank you!

nice people…

Nice people. Prompt and my check came in the mail. If you got strips to get rid of you can stop looking.

Ed P.

Love these two…

Highest integrity out there. Love these two.
I have been doing business with Two Moms for at least three years. Best prices, highest integrity and most professional. You can’t go wrong with Two Moms.
Tim S.


They are always prompt, quick, and more than fair with their payments.


Always wonderful to do business with…

Always wonderful to do business with! So easy, friendly, professional. I’m glad I found 2Moms!


the bomb…

These girls are the bomb. Sweet, cute, funny graphics, and solid businesswomen. I highly recommend them!

Tim S.

crazy how awesome these two are!

#scary crazy how awesome these two are! always quick to reply and professional!

Morgan Mayfield
via Facebook

They are awesome…

They are awesome. They respond right away when you have questions and when something is wrong g they tell you asap.

Jennifer L.

These people are wonderful!!!

These ladies or whoever I spoke to earlier, concerning my package arriving, was very helpful. My email address wasn’t on file for payment. I got a call that I couldn’t take but received a text thereafter, in regards to requesting my email. Shot them my email and within minutes, I was paid. These people are wonderful!!!

Brandon Holmes
via Google

Fast service…

Fast service. Very professional and caring.

Cynthia J.

I vote you number one in my books

You all are fantastic, you provide prompt payment, and answer all questions customers have. I have the pleasure of dealing with the best company. I vote you number one in my books

Diane Kramer
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Good people…

Good people. Good prices.

Edwin P.

enjoyed doing business…

I enjoyed doing business with “Two Moms Will Buy Your Test Strips”. I spoke mostly with Kathleen (Maria) and I appreciate your attitude of treating me like you would want to be treated. You always answered the phone whenever I called and were always helpful…Thank you for making my experience a pleasant one, including the timely payment for my test strips. I was delighted to find a helpful company who buys an item which is needed by so many. I wish you every success.

Judy P.

Very happy…

Very happy, it’s a pleasure to deal with real people.

Wilfred M.

Stick with 2 Moms

Gotta watch out for these weirdos lurking about. Stick with 2 Moms

Adam Bruun
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Love these people…

Love these people and their professionalism and they are so nice.

Loralyn D.

Excellent transaction…

Excellent transaction! Very easy and wonderful communication. I will definitely use again!


Thank You for Such Speedy Service…

Is there some place that I can leave a positive review, finally. You have re-instilled my good faith that there good human beings exist, again!

Frances F.

Totally Happy…

I’m totally Happy with this site, they are friendly, fast, helpful and willing to help with any issue. Thank you Girls..

Cindy A.

I am a new and very satisfied customer!

I am a new and very satisfied customer! Won’t EVER do business with any other company since finding you! LOVE the video, haha

Lori Meitzen
via Youtube

Trustworthy and Fantastic Service!

This was smooth and easy and I received a check right away. Communication was clear And friendly. I will be doing business with them again. Thank you!

Kristie H.

Simple and Smooth

Thank you for making the process so simple and smooth! This is only my second order/transaction but it’s such an easy process to do especially when you guys prepay for the shipping labels as well! Makes everything just super easy for someone to do! Again thank you for your help with the extra cash and your time!

Kari A.

Always quick & efficient

Always quick & efficient

Bindi Shah-Morbiwala
via Facebook

The whole process is straight forward…

The whole process is straight forward. I love that you can print the label and ship the box. It didn’t take long to receive the funds.

Jennifer J.

These people are for real

These people are for real, no scam. I sent out strips that were not being used and I just got a check yesterday for them. Its worth it if you don’t use the strips, instead of throwing out and wasting money. Get a hold of Twomomsbuyteststrips and get money for them.

Lisa Hall
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I’ve never had a problem…

I’ve never had a problem. They’re Honest, quick in paying, and very nice people. I live on the East Coast in Massachusetts, in the transaction happens within three days unless it’s a weekend. Excellent company to do business with.



Amazing company.

Chelle D.

… recommend this company to others!!

I’ve already recommended this company to more than a few of my other diabetic friends! I’ve found it’s the best price paid for my strips and I always get the check pretty quickly after! Definitely a good way to make a little extra money if you happen to have extra strips or supplies.

Haylee W.

You are awesome!

Great service! You are awesome!

Maria Schweitzer
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Very helpful

Very helpful and always fast response.

Tara Fowler
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Love this company…

Absolutely love this company.

Stacey W.


These ladies are amazing.

Gina C.

Very fast…

They are very fast.

Lee K.

Great experience…

Great experience! Personable and prompt, these gals communicate every step of the way. I will defintely be using 2 Moms everytime now. Thank you!


This company is worthy of “more” than…

This company is worthy of “more” than 5 *stars*, this company is amazing!!! I’d like to Thank you for your genuine care, and concern you showed me beyond the transaction that was easy, and fast, Thank you, and best wishes to “ALL” of you.

Norma W.

There isn’t a company I would rather do…

There isn’t a company I would rather do business with. Efficient, great prices, great people, and the list goes on…

Ronald H.

nothing but great things…

I have nothing but Great things to say about these folks, every time I have talked with them they are always courteous and extremely helpful and they do exactly what they say they’re going to do and in a few days you have the funds in your account. I would really recommend using them to anyone I know. It’s great to deal with people who do the things they tell you they will do.

Steven M.

Very prompt with shipping labels…

Very prompt with shipping labels and payment most hands on I have ever felt with highly recommended.

Jeanet H.

Very friendly people…

Very friendly people and very reliable.

Roberto R.

You are a Blessing!

I am so grateful for this service you are providing! …You are a Blessing!

Robert E.

They are fantastic!!

They are the absolute best in prices and customer service. I recommend the Two Moms to anyone. They are fantastic!!

Jessica Jacobs
via Facebook

You provide the best service…

You provide the best service and for that,Thank you!

Jennifer Martinez
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These ladies are amazing!!

These ladies are amazing!!! They are honest and dependable.

Gina C.

twomoms is awesome!!

Thank you so much!!!! #twomoms is awesome!!

Rachel Buffington
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Excellent and trustworthy.

James R.

The Company is Right On…

The Company is Right On! They pay right away. My whole experience was Awesome! This is the Company to go with in selling your Test Strips and Lancets!!

Sterlene S.

Great company…

Great company, fast, efficient and very fair!!

Marci V.

Fast and reliable…

Fast and reliable, will work with you all the way, like I told them before, they Rock.

Jose B.


Great, easy transaction. I got a quote, printed label, shipped box, & got paid. Fast & easy.

Carmen S.


I have never had any problems getting paid for my test strips. They pay in a timely manner for the cost quoted.

Diane G.

I love the Mom’s..

I love the Mom’s. They are very friendly and helpful. I will continue to use them for my diabetic supplies. Great job.

Cindy A.

Great honest and fast…

Great honest and fast process. Thank you!

Joy R.

They have been a wonderful company to deal with…

I got paid today. Only took a couple of days after I mailed off the supplies. They have been a wonderful company to deal with.

Kris Peterson
via Facebook

they are the best!!!!!

Not scary to sell diabetic supplies at Two Moms should be no secret they are the best!!!!!

William Snyder
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they are the highest paid around

Number 1 best secret 👻 to selling your supplies … they are the highest paid around great turn around for payout

Jeanet Hardin
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amazing friendly staff

Thank you for your awesome services and amazing friendly staff.

Sam Sapp
via Facebook

Best service EVER!

It’s no secret🤫 that there is nothing scary🧟‍♀️ about selling your extra diabetic supplies to 2 Moms! Best service EVER!

Judy Cohen
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Quick fast and courteous customer…

Quick fast and courteous customer service !!

Alicia C.

They have always been on time…

They have always been on time with their check to me. They write me back if there are any mistakes in the order. Truthful and straight forward in any correspondence between us. I mail my own and they always send me the pre-paid label for postage right away. Wouldn’t use any other co. for this purpose. Thanks.

Dallas S.


They are trustworthy and have quick payoffs.

Diane G.

Very fast response!

…just sent off another order. Your response to my other shipment was very fast and I was satisfied, looking forward to keep on doing business with you.

Richard C.

Excellent ladies…

Excellent ladies and very friendly.

Renee W.

Perfect Experience…

Excellent customer service. The transaction was processed seamlessly. I would most definitely recommend them!

Venitta W.

earned $460.00 on my test strips…

… this is a great company to deal with. First of all, there very professional, and prompt with returning calls … I was able to earn $460 for the test strips that I was not using. The money was promptly placed into my account. I will be using this company again and the future. I highly recommend them, I urge you, not to second guess them. You will be totally satisfied.


Greetings! Ladies!

Awesome! THANKS! so much for the Business.  I appreciate it.  WOO HOO!!!
Mary K. H.

Would give you 12 stars…

I would give you 12 stars great people never saw a place that would answer e-mails and provide feedback so fast. A++++



Reliable, honest, fair and kind. What more could you ask for? I’ve been doing business with them for about two years now, I would highly recommend working with this company above others.

Judy C.

This company is the best!!!

Out of 4 companies I have dealt with over the past 10 /15 years. This company is the best!!!

Kelli Mayo Leavens
via Facebook

Fast, friendly and successful!

I recently completed my first order selling you test strips. So fast, friendly and successful!

Sirry Danziger
via Facebook

great doing business…

Great doing business with these ladies, l have enjoyed talking with the ladies and best of all they are serious about what they are doing, thanks again for what you all do.

Charles S.


You guys are awesome… I had so many diabetic strips [when my parents passed and the Two Moms] … sent me the amount quoted plus shipping & handling and it certainly came in handy toward my parents services… Greatly appreciated…

a good honest company…

just a good honest company to deal with.

Robert P.

I was totally skeptical at first but am now a super fan!

I was totally skeptical at first but am now a super fan! The whole process from beginning to end went like a well oiled machine. Fantastic communication on every step of the process. THANK YOU!

Barry Herbst
via Facebook

I really like them…

I really like them I never had any problems with them very good and understand gals very good doing the job I would refer them to my family and friends or to whom ever question me I refer them to them thank you for your service.

Jacquelyn S. C.


Thank you…check was received dealing with your company was wonderful everything went well. I will tell family and friends of your service.

Theresa L.

Fast, easy…

Fast, easy and a fair price.

Martin H.

A great place to do business with!

A great place to do business with! They have #secret ways to get coupon codes…. and, there wont be a #scary mom screaming at you because your boxes are not in mint condition! LOL

Joan Antoinette Burton
via Facebook

easy transaction!

Their customer service leaves you wishing other companies were this awesome! This was such an easy transaction! It is fabulous to be able to work with a small company that knows their business! They get right back with you when you have a question. And, they CARE, which is something that many bigger companies lack. I wish these ladies were in many other businesses, because customer service is lacking everywhere!


This company is legit, fair, and fast

Ive been doing this for a couple of years with surplus supplies. This company is legit, fair, and fast.

Candy Satterfield
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Fast easy…

Fast easy service!

Jennifer J.

Awesome communication and turn around time

Awesome communication and turn around time being so minimal. Thanks for a great transaction.

Paulette Szczecina
via Facebook

Only great experiences…

Awesome! Only great experiences from these ladies! I would recommend always!

Angela B.

Moms is great company

Moms is great company. Always get paid and FAST. Free shipping too. Thanks Mom, although I’m older than you…LOL

Jerry Kerr
via Facebook

I think I finally found a company that rocks.!

last Thursday was my first time doing business with them. Kathleen seems so nice. I had a little mix up. A MISTAKE ON MY PART! BUT I called and Kathleen actually answered the phone right away off business hours and assured me right away that the problem will be fixed. I will update the situation but I believe in her. I think I finally found a company that rocks.! What other company actually doesn’t have a scary robot answering telling you to press 30 different numbers.

Dominique Almodovar
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you are the best…

I love you guys you are the best and for that I thank you very much

Michelle Baer
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5 stars to a reputable company…

This was a smooth process and they were so supportive and helpful every step of the way! Thanks for being such a reputable company and pleasure to work with.

Lisa M.

Great communication!

Great communication! Fast transactions! Super reliable!


You are amazing!

You are amazing!
Thank you!

Very easy…

Very easy to work with and responsive.

David D.


Excellent customer service.

Roberto R.

Very good service

Very good service.
Nancie Rideordie
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Best company to sell strips

Best company to sell strips

Debra Wiliiams
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top notch!

I gave a glowing review of these ladies a year and a half ago and nothing has changed…they are top notch! And, they are always quick to show their appreciation to their new or returning customers. I highly reccomend them!

Tim S.

They pay higher than any company I’ve seen

Folks I just sent my first box of extras to these ladies. They stayed in contact with me from the moment I contacted them. The day they got my package I got paid. They pay higher than any company I’ve seen. A real pleasure doing business with these ladies.

Tess Rowan
via Facebook

Highly Recommend

Very fast payment!!!!!! USPS was the slowest delivering the strips to THEM, but on the same day delivered, payment was received. Highly Recommend.

Bob Bednarcik
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Such a fabulous company…

scary how easy it is to work with this company to help others. 😘. Such a fabulous company with fun challenges/bonuses.

Carey Hall
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5 stars

I sent some in they received them 3 days later and got my money the same day the received it. *****-5 stars ladies.

Patricia Combs
via Facebook

excellent company

excellent company- you will be paid !!

Laura Jarrett
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I love doing business with two moms

I like that y’all on the money I would tell all my friends I love doing business with two moms

Dawna Hines
via Youtube

very good work with them

I just mailed a whole bunch to them a week ago and I’ve already got my check very good work with them

Angel Haglund
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best company…

They are the best company that i have dealt with for selling diabetic strips to. I Love Them.

Richard T.

Super fast payment…

Super fast payment. Wonderful communication. I’m grateful that there’s honest people. Thank you.

Jennifer S.

Excellent Company!

They are excellent to work with. Highly recommended, great customer service!


Well done!

Well done! It’s been a joy thus far.


Excellent transaction…

Excellent transaction! Great communication and fast payment. Perfect.

Steven H.


Quick and easy.

Brian E.

can’t say enough good things…

love them, always quick to pay .fast reliable can’t say enough good things

Jeffery Dunnuck
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Thank you Two Moms…

Thank you two moms, my very first time dealing with them and it was a quick transaction and when I had a question they responded right away, I will definitely be dealing with them again, ty for doing what you do 😊😊😊

BobbieSue C.

Amazing is all I got to say

I mailed test strips on NYE and they received it on 1/4 and the next day I had the money in my account.
Amazing is all I got to say. If you have extra test strips sell them to two moms buy test strips.
Jodi Campbell
via Facebook

Great experience…

I had a great experience would use them again!

Joseph C.

Fast service…

Fast service. I sent in my box and had a check in less than a week.

Nicole M.

The company was very fast in receiving…

The company was very fast in receiving my package I sent to them and deposited the money into my account very fast.


Thank you so much…

Thank you so much it’s a pleasure doing business with you.

Darrell M.

Goodness :.)

Free shipping label, and fast payment via PayPal. Was cautious at first, but was very pleased! It’s legit!
Rebecca R.

Great Customer Service…

These ladies are professional, courteous and honest. Give them a try!


Highly Recommend…

Very user friendly website and responsive to questions. Have sold extra test strips and sensors several times with no issues.

Tammy D.

Highly recommended…

Highly recommended! Honest and prompt service! I have sold to them several times… I shipped one day and had the funds in my PayPal account within five business days of shipping. Nice!

Dave B.


These two are invaluable.


After researching…

After researching several companies I decided to try this one. I am very happy that I did as these ladies have a very fast and easy process with fair prices…I highly recommend them and I will continue to use them myself.

Bobby S.

Loved the singing test strips!

I love all your emails! Lots of good stuff!! I really loved the singing test strips!!!
Thanks again…(a faithful customer & satisfied one too!!)
Sterlene S.

A great company…

A great company to deal with. Fast friendly and honest. A pleasure to deal with. Thank you for being there.

Daniel B.

Give them a try!

These ladies are honest and reliable. Very easy to work with. Nice to know people can help each other with health care.


wonderful people…

Awesome, thank you so much! You people should be the “guide to doing business” no matter what kind of business it is amazing customer support and attention to the smallest detail. Just wonderful people.

Joan G.

Yeah I love ❤️ doing business with yall

Yeah I love ❤️ doing business with yall

The Come Back
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thank you from the Two Moms Buy Test Strips team - reviews