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Do you have extra Dexcom supplies? Did you know you can sell them and turn them into extra cash?

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Many diabetics need Dexcom supplies but don't have insurance and can't afford them. The Two Moms can buy your extra Dexcom transmitters, receivers and sensors and provide them to those that need them at an affordable price. A win - win situation for everyone when you sell!

We buy the following Dexcom supplies:

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Why Sell Dexcom Supplies To The Two Moms?

The Two Moms have been buying diabetic supplies for over 7 years and are featured on Blogger Local as one of the top 10 best places to sell diabetic supplies on the internet. We are also grateful for the over 3,500 + 4.9 star average reviews we've received on Trustpilot and have built a reputation for providing fast, friendly and honest service to our sellers.

If you sell diabetic test strips, Dexcom, Humulin, and Omnipod supplies that meet the Two Moms guidelines, we can offer you more cash than any other company for any diabetic supplies you have. Get an instant quote now site to receive your highest cash payout today.

We Buy Most Major Diabetic Test Strips & Supplies

The Two Moms buys most major brand test strips and insulin supplies including One Touch, Medtronic, Dexcom, Aviva Plus, Contour, Freestyle Lite, Humulin, Novolin and many more.

We buy test strips, lancets, sensors, transmitters, Humulin and Novolin, pod supplies, insulin pumps, reservoirs and more.

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Who Are the Two Moms?

The Two Moms are caring, honest, and will alwasy go the extra mile to help you when you sell test strips, whether it be with pricing, shipping or navigating our website. We started our business because we care about people and wanted to help support our families. We strive to make a living by purchasing extra diabetic products and getting it back into the hands of those that can use it the most at affordable prices.

We help people nationwide save on trusted products and brands, and we also continue assisting your smaller, “mom and pop shop” pharmacies to stay afloat. As major pharmaceutical brands continue making it harder for the little guys to stay in business, we do what we can for many smaller communities across the country.

As a female-driven, family owned and operated company, we see ourselves as Two Moms to the entire community of those with diabetes. That is why we give you top dollar when you sell your diabetic supplies.

For more than six years of dedicated service, we continue paying the highest cash offers for most popular brands and devices. When your diabetic product sales require a mom’s TLC, why not give it two of the most trusted ones around? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about your how you can earn extra cash when selling test strips and supplies.

Start Selling Your Dexcom Supplies!

The Two Moms make selling your items a straightforward, easy, and safe process.