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How To Sell Diabetic Test Strips Online For Cash

It is easy to get cash for test strips online! You can get paid quick for your supplies and you are also helping recycle unused ones. Selling unused diabetic supplies has many benefits including the ability to eliminate clutter and get paid fast. You have a variety of options to sell diabetic supplies. The fastest way to get paid is by requesting a pre-paid shipping label that will be sent directly to your email. However, you will need to have a printer and use your own shipping materials. A shipping kit can be requested as well that includes a box and a prepaid shipping label if that is a better option for you! All shipping costs will be covered regardless of the method chosen. You can receive your money via PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH (bank transfer) or Zelle, whichever you prefer. We have the most options available compared to any other competitor.

We are known for paying top cash prices for diabetic supplies and test strips. When you send us test strips, we will keep you informed of every step so that you don’t have to worry about when or if your payment will arrive. Our prices are competitive for top brands and it’s easy and quick to sell with us: get a quote, ship us your supplies and get paid fast!

Many Americans are living with diabetes and have NO health insurance. It is almost impossible to afford diabetic monitoring supplies out of pocket due to rising health care costs. The Two Mom’s personal mission is to buy as many diabetes test strips, Dexcom, Humulin, and Omnipods and get them to other diabetics who really need them and at an affordable price.

Sell diabetic test strips, Dexcom and Humulin and Omnipods to us will make you some extra cash and help those who really need them at the same time. Simply request a quote if you are interested in helping the Two Moms make a difference.

Perhaps you are wondering who actually buys diabetic test strips. We do! We want all of your diabetic test strips. People with diabetes often have lots of diabetic test strips. They usually just toss away what they do not use. What people don’t realize is that these diabetic test strips could be beneficial to someone with diabetes who cannot afford them at full retail price. We aim to provide affordable supplies for diabetics and to make it possible to reduce the cost of high-priced health care while also giving a lots of cash back to those who need it. You!

One of the most common questions that we get from clients is whether selling and buying glucose test strips is legal. The answer is “YES”! The reason is because we only purchase over-the-counter products (you don’t need a prescription to buy them and you can pay in cash), so you are allowed to sell them and we are absolutely allowed to buy them.

The Two Moms will not accept strips, lancets or sensors that have been less than 8 months since their expiration dates ensure accurate readings for you and other patients. While other companies might continue to buy them up to one month in advance, we believe that the short-dated medical supplies are not reliable enough for our customers to rely on their accuracy. Two Moms requires that the original packaging and seals of all medical supplies must remain intact in order to legally resell them. Otherwise the only thing we are allowed to do with those products is dispose of them.

Most people find that when they still have open glucose strips they will search for “sell diabetes test strips near me” thinking thats the best and quickest way to go about it. They don’t realize the risk they take by meeting an online stranger in person. We offer an easier and safer alternative if selling diabetic supplies in person is not something you feel comfortable doing. Let the Two Moms get you cash quick for your diabetic supplies by sending them to us. Choose us for the most effective way to get cash quick and give back every time. For a FREE instant quote, visit our Sell Test Strips page today!


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