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Why Would I Want To Sell Diabetic Test Strips & Supplies?

Many inquire to us regularly asking:

Why Would I Want to Sell Diabetic Test Strips or Supplies?

There are several reasons why someone might want to sell new, unused diabetic test strips and supplies.

Diabetes Management Is Expensive

First, the cost of diabetes management can be expensive, and some individuals may have extra supplies that they no longer need or can no longer use. By selling these unused supplies, they can recoup some of the cost and potentially offset the expense of their ongoing diabetes management.

Change In Diabetic Treatment Equipment or Brands

Second, some people with diabetes may have a change in their treatment plan, such as switching to a different type of insulin or changing the frequency of their blood glucose monitoring. This could result in an excess of certain supplies that they no longer need. Rather than allowing these supplies to go to waste, they may choose to sell them to someone who can use them.

Have Too Many Supplies

Third, some individuals may have received diabetic test strips and supplies as a gift or extra supplies as part of their normal prescription, but they may already have a sufficient supply or may not use the particular brand that was given to them. In this case, selling the supplies can be a way to put them to good use rather than letting them sit unused.

Help Others

Finally, selling unused diabetic test strips and supplies can be a way for individuals to help others who may be struggling to afford the necessary supplies for their diabetes management. By selling these supplies at a reduced cost, they can make them more accessible to those in need. The Two Moms makes it easier for those that can’t afford to pay retail prices for their diabetic supplies to get them at a more affordable rates.

There are many reasons why someone might choose to sell new, unused diabetic test strips and supplies. Whether it is to offset the cost of their own diabetes management, to clear out excess supplies, to put unused gifts or overstocks to good use, or to help others afford the supplies they need, the decision to sell can be a practical and generous one.

How To Sell Diabetic Test Strips

If you would like to sell your extra, new, unused diabetic test strips, sensors or other diabetic supplies, you can get an instant quote, request a pre paid shipping label or shipping kit, let us know how you’d like to be paid and receive everything in your email in just a few minutes, visit our ‘sell test strips‘ page and get started today!

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