Terrific Tuesday Bonus

Terrific Tuesday Bonus – Time Sensitive!

The Two Moms want to introduce TERRIFIC TUESDAY! For 4/28/20 only, add $6 to you order. Hurry, this bonus is time sensitive and will be GONE tomorrow!
AND, we have increased our prices yet again! So check out our website! Who loves ya baby?!

So when you make your order, just select the picture shown below to add the extra bonus to your order total. The picture will be at the top under Glucose Monitors.

How fun is that? Thank you for being our customer!
The Two Moms


  1. nelsonmarcano179 on August 17, 2020 at 7:31 pm

    This is my second time dealing with two mom buy teststrips and the first time l have been paid in less than a week by mail so to me that’was really on point. Thank you.

    • nelsonmarcano179 on August 17, 2020 at 7:39 pm

      I appreciate how fast two mom buy teststrips have pay me.they were on point getting the check on the way to me. Thank you

  2. tamilynn_64 on August 31, 2020 at 6:49 am

    I am so thankful for doing business with twomomsbuyteststrips.com !!! They are very prompt to your emails, notify you when they received your items and examined them. I was amazed at how quickly they send payment!!!! Very satisfied customer in Iowa. Thank you and stay safe y’all!

  3. lastat72 on April 27, 2021 at 5:06 am

    I have been a customer for about a year. You couldn’t find more patient, help and will to accommodate then these ladies. When I sent the wrong account numbers to them. I literally lost my money. They protected my account information and helped me figure out where my money went and assisted me in recovering, as well. They were very gracious all the while. Even called me on a Sunday night to let me know it would be in correct account in the morning, on Monday morning!!!!
    You are going to love these two Ladies there is no one better in the business ❤️♥️

    • kcruse77 on May 16, 2021 at 12:04 pm

      Thank You so very much! We are delighted to take good care of you and give you a good experience ‍♀️‍♀️
      -2 Moms

  4. Charlierobbsjr on April 28, 2021 at 8:19 am

    Two moms is the only site that Ill deal with this will be my 4th time selling strips with no problems I live in San Diego to bad i take my strips to two moms and get paid that way

    • kcruse77 on May 16, 2021 at 12:03 pm

      Thank you! We love to hear feedback from our customers that we are doing a good job!
      -2 Moms

    • sjcumberledge on July 25, 2021 at 6:36 am

      Two Moms are very trustworthy and professional. They inform you on the order process every step of the way. Congratulations Two Moms, for being one of the SUCCESSFUL companies!

      • kcruse77 on July 30, 2021 at 5:53 pm

        Thank you So very much!

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