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Meet Jewel, Our New Virtual Assistant!

We know you have questions, sometimes lots of questions! 💕 So instead of you having to wait for a reply to your email or phone call, the Two Moms have worked hard to bring you instant gratification 🙂 Welcome Jewel! She’s your 24/7 virtual assistant waiting to answer your questions. She’ll guide you to photos of what we consider…

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The Two Moms Have Some Things Goin’ On

We are now purchasing the DEXCOM SENSORS! If you have a few of these laying around, DEFINITELY check out our pricing for those on our website. You could be sitting on a TON of CASH!! We’ve updated pricing and RAISED it on ALL of our product!!!!! Not only that, the Two Moms pay the highest…

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Love Your Kidneys

Fact: kidney disease is the leading cause of kidney failure in the US. The good news is that diabetics have a number of scientifically proven tactics that will protect their kidneys and lower the risk for developing diabetes-related kidney disease. * TIGHT blood glucose control significantly lowers the risk of developing diabetic kidney disease *…

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