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Why Would I Want To Sell Diabetic Test Strips & Supplies?

Many inquire to us regularly asking: Why Would I Want to Sell Diabetic Test Strips or Supplies? There are several reasons why someone might want to sell new, unused diabetic test strips and supplies. Diabetes Management Is Expensive First, the cost of diabetes management can be expensive, and some individuals may have extra supplies that…

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Safe Shipping Tips to Maximize Your Payment When You Sell Test Strips

When selling your diabetic test strips and shipping your box of diabetic supplies to us, it’s important to take proper precautions to ensure that the contents arrives safely and in good condition so we can pay you the most and the amount you were quoted when you submit your supplies to us. Here are a…

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How To Get Help From The Two Moms – Sell Test Strips

We’re excited to introduce to you the new Two Moms Help Desk! The help desk is our new and improved FAQ area with a library of articles, tips and photos when you sell test strips. This is your one stop shop for any and all questions you might have about The Two Moms, our business and…

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