Sell Dexcom G7 Sensor (Unopened Box Containing 1 Sensor)

Sell Dexcom G7 Sensor (Unopened Box Containing 1 Sensor)


Please verify that you have the RETAIL G7 box and not the ‘DME‘ which is listed separately here on our website. The DME boxes have a large green panel on the back with the wording PATIENTS WITH GOVERNMENT PAYORS ONLY. We also DO NOT BUY SAMPLE boxes. PLEASE VERIFY BEFORE SUBMITTING to avoid disappointment or confusion.

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NEW IN THE BOX. Sell your Dexcom G7 sensor to the Two Moms! We make it easy to earn top dollar on extra Dexcom G7 sensors you don’t need.

Please Note: We DO NOT buy G7 SAMPLE boxes (see below). Thank you!

Dexcom G7 Sample Box - Two Moms Buy Test Strips - sell Dexcom




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