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Is It Legal To Sell Diabetic Test Strips?

Is It Legal To Sell Diabetic Test Strips?

Do you wonder if it is legal to sell your diabetic test strips, continuous glucose monitors and lancets for diabetics? This is a common question among diabetics. It is legal to sell diabetic test strips, continuous glucose monitors & lancets for diabetics. They can be sold because they are available over the counter in any pharmacy, retail store or drug store.

When Is It Illegal to Sell Test Strips?

As a rule of thumb, diabetic items should not be sold if they are damaged, opened, expired, altered, tampered or are not in mint condition.

It is also illegal to sell diabetic supplies if they have not been legally acquired. You cannot legally resell supplies if they have been stolen, for obvious reasons.

Why Should You Sell Your Test Strips?

You may need to test less frequently if your prescription has changed. Lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet or more exercise could explain this change.

Sometimes pharmacies have to dispose of stock. Companies can purchase the diabetic supplies and recirculate them.

Gestational diabetes can occur during pregnancy. It can lead to irregular blood sugar levels. The normal blood sugar levels return to normal shortly after birth, so the use of diabetic test strips is not necessary and unused and extra supplies may be sold.

You can get some of your money back by selling the continuous glucose monitors, lancets and test strips for diabetes.

Retail diabetic products can be very costly. Test strips often come in 100-packs and cost about a dollar each.

You get paid for selling them, but you also make it possible to provide supplies to diabetics who otherwise might not be able to afford them at retail. You can sell your supplies at a significantly reduced rate than their retail price when you sell them making them affordable to those that need them.

Why are Diabetic Test Strips Worth Money?

You can get your money back by selling diabetic test strips, lancets and CGM’s. By doing so, you can give them to those in need, rather than throwing them away, selling diabetic products can be a way to help the environment.

You can think about it this way: If you toss your supplies instead of giving them to someone else they will buy more supplies, while yours sit in the garbage. Let the trash go and give it to someone else.

Each strip is a small laminate of plastic and chemicals that measures blood sugar. It can be used as a single-use diagnostic tool for testing blood sugar. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes affect more than 30 million Americans. Most people use multiple test strips to monitor their condition.

The multi-billion dollar industry of diabetic supplies is vast. In 2012, a study showed that strips were responsible for almost one quarter of all pharmacy costs among insulin-dependent patients. Half of all global diabetic supply sales are made through only 4 major diabetic supply manufacturers.

Two Moms Buy Test Strips – The Best Place To Sell Diabetic Test Strips

Have you ever emailed a company only to never get a reply? We have and if you’re selling to a company that you haven’t sold before, we recommend to get in touch with them before you sell. You can then see how and how fast they respond.

Since you’re reading this on our website, you’re probably expecting us to claim that we are the best place to sell diabetic supplies because we don’t scam people, pay top prices for diabetic supplies, buy most major brands and offer 8 ways to get paid. If that’s the case, you would be 100% correct if you thought so! We are proud of our fast and friendly customer service, and have paid millions to our sellers for their supplies.

Other companies sometimes only offer pre paid shipping labels via email. But what if you don’t access to a printer? Local buyers may only purchase in person, but what happens if you don’t feel secure? We offer both shipping kits and pre paid labels sent via email for your convenience.

We Make It Quick and Easy to Sell Test Strips with our Free Shipping Program

To begin, please take a look through our list of diabetic supplies we buy to determine if you have the items/test strips you want to sell. All supplies must not have been opened. Please do not remove labels. The removal of labels could cause damage to the boxes, reduce their value or make them completely worthless for resale. We always remove and destroy all labels with professional equipment to insure your boxes are not damaged in any way.

To get an instant quote, visit our Sell Your Strips page and choose the boxes that you want to sell. You will then be able to find out how much you’ll receive from Two Moms. Simply enter the details of what supplies you’ll be sending to us.

Select your preferred payment method. There are many payment options available so you can choose the one that works best for your needs. Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo and Wells Fargo Direct Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay or regular Check.

Mail us your supplies. As an added convenience for our sellers, we offer free shipping. There are three ways to send your supplies to us, all at no extra cost:

1) We will send you a pre-paid shipping label (you will need to print it).

2) We will pay the postage you have already paid back or

3) We will mail you a shipping kit.

Within minutes of your order being submitted, pre-paid shipping labels will be sent by email to you. The shipping kits will arrive in 5-7 business days. Select the best option for you and send your items on their way.

We make it easy to sell test strips and look forward to helping you when you want cash for diabetic test strips or diabetic supplies!

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