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How To Get Help From The Two Moms – Sell Test Strips

We’re excited to introduce to you the new Two Moms Help Desk! The help desk is our new and improved FAQ area with a library of articles, tips and photos when you sell test strips. This is your one stop shop for any and all questions you might have about The Two Moms, our business and the selling diabetic supplies industry in general! These articles should help answer any questions you have regarding selling your test strips to us such as processing quotes, adjustments, shipping, payments, bonuses and more.

We created this help desk to help YOU! We want you to be able to answer any questions you have at any time, without having to email us and wait for a response. All this information is solely to assist you in having the best experience possible selling your diabetic supplies to the Two Moms!

The help desk has over 20 articles for you to browse through and we continue to add more as new information comes up! Whether you’re just curious about selling test strips or you have a serious question that you need answered right away, the help desk is exactly what you need. We hope it proves to be helpful, easily accessible and helps alleviate any confusion or frustration that sometimes comes with selling diabetic test strips and supplies. If you can’t find what you’re looking for and would like to contact us, just click the big white + sign at the top of any page on our help desk and submit a ticket. You can also go to the ‘Contact Us‘ page on the Two Moms website and submit a ticket through there. We’ll respond as soon as possible, but please allow at least 1 business day to get back to you.

For your convenience you can also always go to the Two Moms homepage and interact with our virtual assistant Jewel. She can answer questions, help direct you through our website, check the status of your quote, get real time tracking updates on your shipment and more! The Two Moms hope all these tools allow you to have the best selling experience with us as possible! We are always open to feedback, if you think there is something we can be doing better please don’t hesitate to reach out! (on our help desk of course!)

We’re grateful for those that choose us for the most effective way to get cash quick and give back at the same time. For a FREE instant quote to sell your test strips, visit our Sell Test Strips page today!


  1. 1972nfw on May 5, 2023 at 1:13 am

    I forgot to add my bonus mom20. If you would add it. Thank you

  2. Margery Chapman on June 1, 2023 at 2:41 pm

    I still haven’t received a check after about 3 weeks. I talked to you a couple days ago. Can you please send me a check. I don’t want to wait. You said you sent it on May 20,so it’s been almost 2 weeks .

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